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Hi there I’m Mafalda, and this is my little shop welcome! I have written this little text so you can know a little bit about me.

I live in a beautiful village  by the sea, near Lisbon. I’m a homebody, a control freak and a creature of habit. I love going to the cinema, reading and drinking tea. I am a bit obsessed with Harry Potter, by a bit I mean a lot, I’ve read the books and seen the movies way too many times to count.

I studied Architecture in an University in Lisbon, I liked it but wasn’t in love with it. For me the highlight of those years was making architecture models, I made some impressive ones if I do say so myself. To this day Lego is still one of my favourite hobbies, and yes I have Harry Potter Lego and I love it.

After University I had the urge to create something of my own. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own business. I started developing the idea for high quality handmade tote bags, not your average tote bag, something sturdy, durable and beautiful. Once I brought this idea to life I quickly realised this was something I saw myself doing all the time, it was a product I believed in and that I loved so much. 

Everyday is a new challenge, it’s not an easy and steady path but I love every minute of it. I do every aspect of the shop myself. I love the personal touch of handmade businesses so the fact that I am one brings be so much joy.

Thank you so much for stopping by :)